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We have gathered together a bunch of peerless minds with a dream and mission to devise a platform which will work as an instant solution provider to a layman.  A website that is guaranteed to satiate all your queries pertaining to mobile phones, laptops and tablets with comprehensive reviews, latest news, gaming and application information for you to go through.

Moreover, our website also acts as a repository of handset-identification related information so that in the unfortunate scenario of your mobile phone getting lost, our advanced system will help you retrieve it. We encourage you to go ahead and register your handset on our website.


Mobile devices are facing a big threat currently as users are increasing and cases of thefts are increasing in spite of the presence of many tracking applications available in the market and inbuilt mobile operating systems that track a device.

The tracking applications have not been effective because of the simple rule that they do not function when a stolen device is switched off and the SIM card is taken out. Once a device is stolen and switched off, it gets disconnected not only from the Internet but also from the Satellites. This makes a device as good as a dead gadget that cannot communicate hence cannot be tracked.

The device when switched off, goes to the Market for Selling is bought by the user without the information whether the device was bought by the shopkeeper from the original seller or it was stolen by someone and then being sold. This can only be checked by the buyer if he/she goes to the database of stolen / lost devices. Once he/she crosschecks the device with the available database, he/she can find out whether the device was stolen or an actual owner had sold it to the shopkeeper.

3gadgets.com maintains a database of such lost and stolen Mobiles, Laptops and Tablets ( with the IMEI, MAC id & serial No.) and offers free service to used phone buyers to verify used device against this database to buy an authentic one.

Not only this, the procedure also helps the user get the information of any lost devices in the sense that everytime the device is searched by anybody on the website, the user who had registered/reported the device will get an intimation via email to his/her given account.

About the 3gadgets.com

We are a company that was created 3years ago that took the initiative of offering Gadget Security Services to the society which is the need of the hour.  We are helping a used gadget (pre-owned or second-hand gadget) buyers purchase an authentic gadget (Mobile, Laptop & tablet). As we have a database of lost, stolen, found and owned gadgets, a buyer of used/pre-owned/second hand Mobile Phone can come on the website and check the status of the device (Through IMEI, Serial no. & MAC id) as lost / stolen /found or owned by someone. This ensures the authenticity of the device basis the database collected on the website.  We also offer the service of registering the details of the Mobile Handset / Laptop / Tablets in our website called 3gadgets.com which helps users find their lost / stolen Gadgets.  The user of a Mobile Phone / Laptop / Tablet registers the IMEI number / MAC ID / Serial number of the lost gadget and we inform the user about the device if found anywhere by anyone. Users also report the Gadgets found anywhere which if registered with us are intimated to the actual owner of the device.

Current status of our database:

We started this initiative 2 years ago and now we have more than 80,000+ lost and stolen devices reported/registered with us. These devices can be checked/verified (single query basis) for authenticity by anyone who finds it by entering the IMEI / MAC ID of the same on the website, we call this ‘Verify used Gadget’ (400-500 verifications happen every day), all the devices are reported by users themselves. Around 150 devices are being reported every day. This entire database is completely confidential and can be accessed only by a user when he/she enters the IMEI/MAC ID of a particular device.


  • The only limitation to us is that we are not able to reach out to 100% users who are losing their devices/lost their devices and who are buying used devices
  • Not all the IMEI numbers are unique (mainly for devices made before 2009)
  • UID (IMEI, Serial no & MAC address) Spoofing is possible

Important Issues took care:

  • User verification through email activation; SMS verification will commence very soon
  • System caches the IP address of each visitor for security and future investigation if required
  • Every IMEI entered in the system is checked for its genuineness using Check Digit Authentication (this is addressing the issue of Spoofing)
  • We will soon integrate the IMEI database with the respective Mobile Handset Manufacturers highlighting the Model and Make of the device (this is addressing the issue of Spoofing)
  • NO two similar UIDs (IMEI, Serial no or MAC addresses) can be entered in the system, in case of non-unique IMEI numbers we handle the registration process accordingly using combined keys (this is addressing the issue of non-unique IMEI numbers)
  • In case of ‘Verify used Gadget’ match IP address is captured and emailed in real time, means the IP location of the person who is verifying any device is emailed to the person who had registered/reported that particular device
  • Users are allowed to announce Rewards to encourage other users to help him/her find the lost/stolen device, this will ensure speedy recovery of lost/stolen device

What we foresee:

  • Reduction in Gadget Theft
  • Used gadget buyers purchasing genuine devices
  • People who have lost their devices will have a possibility of finding their gadgets back with the help of our mechanism
  • A platform for people who want to help people find their lost devices
  • Police Department can verify the devices collected in a raid etc and hand over the gadgets to the actual owners (owners can be from any city of India considering devices stolen cross borders)
  • Police can cross check the Authenticity of a Device / Verify a device carried by a suspicious person using the App provided by 3gadgets.com

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